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I’ve always been interested in the arts and loved to draw, but since I
click for larger image picked up a chainsaw 5 years ago I’ve been carving on wood and ice ever since.  My first stab at woodcarving produced what I called a cactus.  I proudly displayed it in some stones in my backyard, apparently too close to the driveway, because my wife “accidently” ran it over.
Being a seasonal worker I have been lucky enough to find a hobby in which I am so passionate about.  It doesn’t hurt my marriage any either since my wife hasn’t realized I parked my semi 2 months ago.  On any given morning you will find me in or behind my shop drawing or sawing until the lack of daylight brings me to the reality that my wife’s cooking isn’t that bad.
I must have improved greatly since my cactus days because you will now find my carvings anywhere from homes of neighbors and friends to local businesses.  It is sometimes hard to recognize my own work because one such bear I carved for a local business is sometimes dressed incognito wearing hats and scarves.  The owner swears this is only to keep him warm.
My passion for carving wood doesn’t stop at the loose pieces lying behind my shop.  I am also known to travel to people’s homes to carve life into a dearly departed tree or to give character to an ordinary tree stump.  Whether it be land, sea, or air let your dreams be my inspiration.


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