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Carving Care

Carvings kept outdoors must be maintained on a regular basis. Spar Urethane has the highest UV protection that I have found. The finish is slightly shiny when the wood is properly protected. It's not as glossy as semi-gloss. It should look more like a satiny finish. When the statue begins to appear dull or the cracks look like they are opening up it's time for another coat. Clean the statue with a soft scrub brush to remove any dirt and then apply an even coat of the Spar Urethane. Make sure to do the underside of the statue and get inside the cracks as well. You should re-apply at least twice the first year. After that it depends on where the statue is kept and how much sunlight it gets. Indoors, once every two years should be sufficient. Once a year if you bring it indoors during the winter months. Every 6 months if you leave it out year round. This is merely a guideline. All environments vary from place to place and home to home. Dry air and direct sunlight will affect how much care your statue requires.

If statue is kept indoors place tacks at least a 1/4 inch underneath to keep it raised for airflow. This will keep any flooring from discoloring as well as prevent any condensation. Allow statue to fully dry, 1 to 2 weeks, after applying any coating. It may feel dry to the touch, but it's not. Do not dry on cardboard as it will stick to the bottom. It needs to be raised to allow it to dry completely.


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